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Interactive Installation


2019 /

Daniel's Spectrum, Toronto ON

Synthesis is an interactive audio visualization software developed for live performance and interaction. Inspired by VJing technology and sound synthesis, it combines audio and visual into one single medium that can be manipulated and explored. The program was designed in TouchDesigner and can use any instrument or equipment with MIDI capabilities to interact with the piece.

This work was included in Ryerson's thesis art exhibition META 2019, as well as at the 2019 Toronto New Wave Festival for short film, live music and interactive media where it was awarded with Best Emerging Artist by Trinity Square Video.

Developed as a 4th year New Media thesis project, it went through several iterations which can all be found below, as well as additional documentation over the course of its development. This iteration is derived from the original Synthesis software I created in 2018.

META 2019 Promo

Synthesis @ META

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